We take for granted every breath
Forget the gifts of life and death
The love that’s given every day
In changing sky of scudding grey
The rain which washes all things new
And sudden shafts of sun and blue
A buzzard’s sweep and mewling cry
The darting squirrels scrambling high
A neighbour’s greeting warms the heart
With carrot cake and lemon tart
The fact that shopping comes to me
Convenient delivery.
A time for books, to read, to write
To phone those friends now out of sight
A time to help grandkids on Zoom
Encourage those who feel it’s doom
Around the corner, when in fact
Our world does need us all to act,
Go slow, don’t fly, or drive or cruise
Just for a time. We’ve much to lose
Unless we make our earthly deeds
The Valentine our planet needs.

Well, that was worth it for the prize. Even if there were only six applicants.