Dolphin Days

A stolen antique – A ruined career

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If she can’t handle failure, will she ever learn to handle success…

Artistic young antique dealer Melissa fails to recover a precious Byzantine manuscript stolen from her in Greece. Instead, she finds herself accused of theft by wealthy architect Nicholas.

Struggling with financial disaster, a dangerous attraction to an embittered Nicholas, and guilt over a family tragedy, Melissa intends to put the past behind her and sets out on a new career.

But it seems that Nicholas has not only destroyed her career as an antique dealer, but that his unwanted interventions may wreck her new plans too.

Melissa is tempted to trade her talents and career for the security of marriage to kind, devoted David, but as she gets to know Nicholas better, her resolve wavers.

Will she overcome her lack of confidence, build her career and find the love she longs for?

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