About Charlotte Milne

Hello, my name is Charlotte Milne and I am a writer just beginning the tricky website stuff.  Welcome anyway, and if you get lost on my site, please be patient, sympathetic and helpful, because I am lost too, even though it is virtually empty.

My first novel, Dolphin Days, is a contemporary romance set in Greece—where we built a house 26 years ago—, London and Scotland. My three favourite places. I now live with my patient, supportive husband in a retirement village near Southampton, about half way between our son and daughter and seven grandchildren and no longer have to garden two acres or try to keep an Elizabethan farmhouse from disintegrating around our ears.

Dolphin Days was published in December 2017 on Amazon. Both Kindle and in print. Miracles can happen.




I am at the editing stage of my second novel, Come In From The Cold and hoping to get it published by Summer 2019.

It is a three-generational saga, starting in 1942 with the naval convoys from Scotland to Russia and ends with a contemporary love story and the solving of a war-time murder.





I grew up in lots of places, being a naval daughter, but home was always a fabulous house, buried in the woods above the Tweed valley in the Borders of Scotland. My grandparents lived in the same house which I thought was wonderful, but now I wonder if my mother thought the same! It seemed to be a childhood of summer sun and winter snow and ice, of rough ponies, cats, dogs, the river and huge amounts of risk. My parents just let us fly! I have three elder brothers who I adored and worshipped, and who I now just love to bits, along with my sisters-in-law.  How many people are lucky enough to have that sort of family! One of the best times was in Malta when I was fourteen to sixteen. We lived in Fort St Angelo, in the middle of Valetta harbour, and there is definitely a novel to be set there. I just haven’t written it yet.

I have never, to my certain knowledge, ever been bored. The world inside my head is a seething mass of characters and conversations.  I see people passing by and give them much more exciting lives than they could possibly have. I’ve always written stories (mounds of loose manuscripts and all the pages are muddled up) and as I’m now 72, there are lots of them, those that haven’t been burnt or shredded.