Come In From The Cold

Blank white book w/pathCome In From The Cold’ is set mainly in Wester Ross in Scotland. We have had a cottage here for over fifty years, and the local World War 2 history of the convoys to Russia has intrigued and motivated me to discover more.


Wartime love and murder throw a long shadow.

Annie, raw from her divorce, retreats to the Scottish Highlands to research the mysterious wartime history of her grandfather. There she meets David, grieving his dead wife and seemingly unable to move on with either life or relationships.

 As she and David begin to peel away the hidden memories of his ninety-year-old grandmother, dark secrets surface from the past – a doomed wartime love and a killing which continues to stretch tentacles of uncertainty into the lives of those still living. Echoes from the past reverberate into the present and both Annie and David must find a way of coming to grips with their own demons.


Come In From The Cold was published in 2019 and is available here